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PathCare Academy for Training and Development aims  to address South African skills shortages, particularly in the pathology sector.

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We place high value on performance excellence, safe working conditions, and to provide opportunities for our employees to optimise their professional growth.


Knowledge Hub

Test procedures and health information relevant to medical practitioners.



Expert services for screening, diagnosis and management of disease.

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patient portal


The Self-Registration Portal (SRP) is a new web application allowing patients and travellers to self-register before presenting at the branch for sample collection. In some cases, a payment option is available.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmatory SMS with a reference number. Please present the reference number when you arrive at the site for specimen collection.

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Patient Results Portal features

Persons 18 years and older can register.
Reports from 2011 till present are available.
Download, share or print results.
Results can be viewed as a single report or in cumulative table format.
Most types of results can be viewed except for anatomical pathology, confidentials, insurance, occupational & veterinary. These will be itemised in the portal but not viewable.
View your demographic information on record.

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Our Care Values

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