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v2 historic app

PathCare iPad App for electronic results retrieval. Download the latest PathCare App for FREE from the App Store.

  • Patients’ pathology results pushed to your device anywhere at anytime
  • Strong cumulative report formats to track your patients’ progress
  • E-mail results to your colleagues and / or patients
  • Request further testing on-line
  • Capture patient notes
  • Store patient results on your device
  • New result format. View results in one continuous display, i.e. all results, per discipline, displayed in one linear view for you to scroll through easily
  • Abnormal & Critical bar graph to highlight results for quick reference:
    • Green for Normal
    • Orange for Abnormal
    • Red for Critical
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Contact our IT Help Desk for more support on 021 596 3820 or contact your local Client Services Officer for a demonstration.

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