Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics is a cross-cutting approach, bringing together previously separate fields like bacteriology, human genetics and virology. It is also one of the fastest growing fields in pathology, with new tests becoming available at a rapid rate. The increased volume of work has prompted us to automate as much as possible. For HIV-1 viral load assays we use both the Roche Ampliprep-Taqman and the Abbott m2000rt systems. For DNA extraction from all types of samples we use the Roche Magnapure platform. Inhouse assays are run on the Roche Lightcycler and the Corbett Rotor-Gene, while we use a 3500 sequencer from Applied Biosystems for determining nucleotide sequences. Our work is split into two areas: One focuses on human genetics while the other area involves detection and characterisation of pathogens. In both areas the requirements of clients dictate the variety of tests offered.

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