The PathCare Experience

Your doctor, healthcare worker or insurance company has referred you to PathCare. Here's what you can expect:

Regardless of the nature of your visit to our depots professional staff will ensure that your experience is as convenient and quick as possible at our depots across South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria. Whether we are collecting a specimen from you or you are merely delivering a specimen - a nursing sister or a qualified phlebotomist is available to help you. Each visit at any of our depots is streamlined to two or three straightforward steps:

Useful concepts to know

Knowing what to expect on your visit to our depots will help to make your experience more comfortable. But also understanding our terminology will give you added comfort. So, below we unpack some of our industry jargon and concepts:

What does a phlebotomist do?

A "phlebotomy technician" is a professional who is qualified to draw blood from a patient. He/she has received training at our very own PathCare Training Academy and is registered with the country's Health Professions Council. A phlebotomist at a PathCare depot undertakes the following procedures when drawing blood from a patient:

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