Whether you are a medical doctor, a patient, a parent, a farmer, or an employer - we give you the peace of mind you require to make important health care decisions.

What we do

PathCare is a specialist provider of expertise to help you determine or confirm medical diagnoses.

Our qualified personnel specialising in a wide variety of disciplines, including chemical pathology, molecular testing, infectious diseases; haematology; genetic testing; veterinary pathology; as well as environmental testing; industrial and occupational health testing; and testing for life insurance purpose - work around the clock to ensure swift delivery of medical results.

Think of us as your go-to-people for medical testing. We have the expertise to get to the bottom of a diagnosis quickly and accurately.

Chemical Pathology


Histo & CytoPathlogy

Human Genetics

Molecular Diagnostics

Microbiology / Virology


Veteninary Pathology

Environmental Testing and Infection Control

Occupational Health and Corporate HIV

Life insurance

Clinical Trials

PathCare Research

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