PATIENT self registration portal


Self-Registration Portal (SRP)

Self Registration Portal

The Self-Registration Portal (SRP) is a new web application allowing patients and travellers to self-register before presenting at the branch for sample collection. In some cases, a payment option is available.

 Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmatory SMS with a reference number. Please present the reference number when you arrive at the site for specimen collection.

Easy 10 step registration

1. Go to Self-Registration Portal (SRP) via link

2. Select 1 of 4 registration options in the Service required section:

  • COVID symptomatic
  • COVID Pre-admission / Hospital screening
  • COVID Traveller to China or non-China
  • Service for other pathology testing

3. Select the South African Province and City / site where you will have your specimen collected. Click on

4. If required, select which COVID test/s you require

5. Book a date and time for your specimen to be collected

Now complete sections 6 – 10

    1. Travellers’ details (Parts 1 & 2) OR the Patient’s details (Parts 1 & 2)
    2. Person responsible for the account section
    3. Payment method section
    4. The Consent required section
    5. Confirm your completed Registration