Trainee Data Capturer Programme

The accurate and rapid entering of patient demographics and tests requested by referring doctors is critical to the quality and success of diagnostic pathology. This important capturing of correct information is the function of the pathology data capturer. The function must be regarded as one of the most critical in the total value chain of the laboratory.

Mistakes at this level of laboratory processing can result in critical errors and complaints. Every data capturer must fully understand his/her function in the value chain and must at all times try to limit all mistakes. PathCare has quality checks and audit functions in place to avoid mistakes, and high quality rapid capturers are important.

The Academy Data Capturer Programme primarily concentrates on the practical aspects of the data capturing function. For each data capturer to effectively operate within the relevant systems and capturing processes, students must also learn about all of the relevant data fields and the required input. The first part of the training therefore concentrates on theory that needs to be understood such as medical terminology and a basic understanding of pathology testing.

The six-month programme is conducted at least twice each year in order to supply candidates for PathCare’s growing centralised data capturing pool. Selection includes pre-interview testing and panel interviews, and a rapid typing speed with exceptional accuracy is necessary.

As is the case with all Academy programmes, there is no course fee, and successful applicants are employed on a contract. Although the programme does not result in a nationally recognised qualification, an Academy Certificate of Completion is issued to successful candidates and successful candidates are offered employment at PathCare.