About Us

Optimising patient care through excellence in pathology service.

PathCare is a people-focused, technology-driven pathology practice.

We offer an extensive range of screening and diagnostic tests to support the prevention and management of disease in both the health care sector and agricultural industry.

PathCare is a partnership of pathologists in private practice that offers our services across the country.  Our footprint stretches beyond the South African borders.  We have operations in Lesotho and Namibia. Our Namibia website can be found on www.pathcarenamibia.com.

We have an excellent record of assisting doctors and other professionals to manage disease and improve healthcare since 1922 .

Corporate Social Involvement

The Seven Passes initiative is a youth development and educational organisation that seeks to prevent youth involvement in crime by providing quality after school care.

We do this through homework clubs and other educational activities including sport, music and drama. The initiative aims to alleviate poverty by raising the educational level of the community.

We are proud of our record of firsts in South Africa:

  • We were the first to enhance the quality of pre-analytical care of patient specimens by collecting specimens directly from hospitals and doctor’s rooms.
  • We were the first to introduce standards that have led to overall improvements in the industry.  Our laboratories were the first to achieve accreditation to ISO 15189 through the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS).
  • We opened the first radioimmunoassay laboratory in private practice.
  • PathCare was the first laboratory in the southern hemisphere to institute a fully computerised information system.
  • We were the first to introduce a robotic automated chemistry immunodiagnostics testing system, and our microbiology laboratory was also the first in Africa to be automated.
  • We were the first laboratory service that introduced a result App (IOS and Android) to improve quality and efficiency of delivering patient results to clinicians.
  • We were also the first pathology practice in South Africa to set-up a Student Training Academy to supply the industry with skilled technologists, technicians and phlebotomists.

PathCare foster innovation in order to remain relevant to the health care needs of all South Africans.  We are committed to deliver an accessible, affordable, reliable, and high quality service efficiently and on time, every time.


  • We strive to be the leading pathology practice in South Africa.
  • We aim to deliver an accessible service relevant to all our citizens (both those with and without the benefit of medical aid) and to remain in touch with the overall economic position of individuals and public entities by constantly being aware of healthcare costs.
  • By staying abreast of new research we shall retain our position as a leader in the field of diagnostic pathology.
  • We understand the future of pathology and our vision is to render a comprehensive and affordable service to all sectors of the community at all times.


  • To optimise patient care through excellence in pathology services.
  • PathCare aspires to be the laboratory of choice.



We are accountable to patients, supporters and all members of PathCare for:

  • Assuring a quality service
  • Fostering a culture of performance excellence
  • Providing safe working conditions
  • Assisting motivated members of Pathcare to optimise their professional growth
  • Being the employer of choice


  • Professionalism
  • Uphold our values of honesty and integrity
  • Conduct our business with good governance
  • Be cognisant of our social and environmental responsibility
Customer Focus

  • Acknowledge that patient care is our priority
  • To provide an accessible affordable service
  • Acknowledge that there are multiple customer needs, internal and external
  • We take responsibility to manage queries and complaints first time, every time


  • Acknowledge each specimen as part of a human being
  • Value everyone in the Pathcare family
  • Treat everyone fairly and consistently
  • Acknowledge our interdependence and support each other