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Our expertise covers all disciplines of diagnostic pathology. We form a dedicated part of the healthcare team to assist you with patient care.

V2 PathCare result APP

Access to reports as they are completed Reports anywhere, any time, on a mobile device. Cumulative Reports at their finger tips. Share results with colleagues.

Respiratory tract infection

To assist with the identification of the causative agents of respiratory tract infections, PathCare offers two molecular tests in addition to traditional microscopy and culture. Refer to the Respiratory tract infections: molecular identification of the cause update.

Cervical screening: PathCare protocol

Cervical screening is changing, with HPB typing now an integral component in the screening protocols of all major authorities in the world. Refer to the PathCare Cervical Screening guideline update

Breast cancer genetic screening guideline

Refer to the Breast Cancer Genetic Screening update

PathCare Services For Doctors

According to the UK Department of Health, 70% of clinical decisions are informed by laboratory medicine. We believe this is also true in the African context. At PathCare we strive to add value to patient management by constantly reviewing and improving our services, and also by continuously implementing new and innovative diagnostic tests.

Electronic Results delivery

Delivering laboratory reports electronically has greatly enhanced the practice of medicine by enabling doctors to make decisions faster about the treatment and management of patients. With our results delivery apps you can retrieve your patients’ laboratory results faster, more conveniently and securely anytime of the day anywhere in the world via a desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, iPad or tablet.
To be able to retrieve your patients’ results, log on to the PathCare lab results website and register to start benefitting from this service. Once you have registered, you can download results conveniently and securely from your desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, i-Pad or tablet. For enquiries or support with registering and retrieving results please call our IT support helpdesk during office hours on +27 21 596 3820 or e-mail:

Reading your pathology report

At the root of each expert pathology report lies our care and concern for the health of each patient we deal with. Patients may never see their pathologist, but pathologists can built up a clear picture of each case through laboratory results.

The benefits of retrieving results electronically:

  • Convenience – you can retrieve your patients’ pathology results from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day
  • Time saving – the need to call our laboratories for results is reduced because you can easily retrieve your patients results via the internet from your desktop computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or smart phone
  • Track your patients’ records – we have designed our electronic results system to enable you to track your patients’ pathology history and their response to treatment.
  • Share data with your patients or colleagues – you can conveniently and confidentially sms or e-mail your patients or colleagues directly from our system

PathCare reference laboratory

Area manager Sandy Allen explains what goes on behind the scenes.