What we Do

10 Chemical pathologists, 9 Clinical pathologists, 40 Histo and Cytopathologists, 14 Clinical Microbiologists, 13 Haematopathologists

PathCare is a specialist provider of pathology service.  We work around the clock to ensure swift delivery of results.

We have pathology expertise in a wide variety of areas including infectious diseases, anatomical pathology, forensic pathology, haematology, chemical pathology and veterinary pathology. We also provide environmental and infection control testing, genetic profiling, occupational health testing, clinical trials laboratory support and testing for life insurance purposes.

Chemical Pathology

Chemical pathology as a sub-speciality within pathology extends across most medical specialities and involves the chemical analysis of bodily fluids…
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Genetic & Molecular Diagnostics

Genetic information is stored as DNA, or in some viruses as RNA. This information…
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PathCare Veterinary Laboratory

Laboratory investigations are done on pet and companion animals, production and stock samples as well as samples from wildlife…
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Clinical Trials

We have worked with many CRO’s, central laboratories and pharmaceutical companies on both national and international level…
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Haematology tests are performed, depending on the urgency and technical complexity, in the Reference Laboratory and numerous peripheral laboratories mainly located in hospitals…
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Microbiology / Virology

The Microbiology Laboratory offers a modern comprehensive range of tests from microscopy to the detection of organism DNA…
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Environmental Testing and Infection Control

The PathCare Group offers a variety of microbiological tests for the identification and quantification of micro-organisms in food…
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PathCare offers a comprehensive service to the insurance intermediary (phlebotomy and insurance medical service)…
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Histo and Cytopathology

Histopathology focuses on the structural changes that occur in cells, tissues and organs when exposed to injurious stimuli. Meanwhile, Cytopathology focuses on the following tests…
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Serology is the branch of science dealing with the measurement and characterisation of antibodies, antigens, and other…
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Occupational Health

Occupational Health is the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers…
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PathCare has recently established a Pathology Research Committee to facilitate research done within PathCare. The objective being to…
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