Patient Mobile Results Application

The PathCare Patient App is our mobile results platform specifically designed for Patients.

Our goal is to provide patients with quick and easy access to their pathology results.

Features available

  • Full Episode report for routine pathology tests
  • A Clinical Cumulative report for the latest 12 visits
  • Sharing of results

 Coming soon

  • Offline capability
  • Push notifications
Patient Mobile Results App
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Patient Results web portal

PathCare’s Patient Results Portal is a web-based portal allowing patients to access their laboratory results online, anytime from anywhere. Please see the instructions in the flyer below to assist with registration.


Patient Results Portal 1
Patient Results Portal features
  • Persons 18 years and older can register
  • Reports from 2011 till present are available
  • Download, share or print results
  • Results can be viewed as a single report or in cumulative table format
  • Most types of results can be viewed except for anatomical pathology, confidentials, insurance, occupational & veterinary. These will be itemised in the portal but not viewable.
  • View your demographic information on record
Whatsapp Carebot infographic

PathCare Results WhatsApp CareBot

Click icon to download and install WhatsApp on your device.

PathCare Results WhatsApp: CAREBOT : For quick, easy access to your COVID-19 results. Add the CAREBOT number to your phone and select an option.

A full PathCare Pathology report will be available 48-72hrs after testing. The report is available as an official, secure, report format to meet strict travel requirements.

No need to contact your Doctor or the PathCare Laboratory.

PathCare COVID-19 results are at your fingertips, transportable, accessible and ready to share.

TAT guideline for tests to be completed and for results to be available to laboratory users (doctors):

Urgent results +/- 2 hours and routine results +/- 24 hours

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a guideline only and the TAT may be longer and is dependent on the specific test requested, batching of samples, referral of tests, availability of tests, confidentiality of the specific result, etc.