Pathcare Research Committee

To establish and support a culture of research at PathCare


The Pathology Research Committee (PRC) is a subcommittee of the Board, and acts to secure the integrity of research done at PathCare.  This includes operational research, evaluating best practice, research linked to educational programmes or degrees, research aimed at publications and research/innovations with a view to new developments and/or products. The committee facilitates and enables research by providing an easy to use structure to register projects, update progress reports and to link investigators to resources that can support their work.

Guidelines to do research on the PathCare platform (download document)

Committee Members


Register your project

PathCare supports research on its platform that adds value to our role in patient management as part of the healthcare team.
The following documents should be submitted via the secretariat to register projects with the PRC:

  • Checklist for registration of project (download document)
  • Research proposal
  • Signed declarations where relevant (confidentiality agreement, conflict of interest, intellectual property) (download document)
  • Proof of approval by a registered ethics committee
  • Signed approval of the manager in charge of the section where the research will take place, in order to guarantee that we can meet your expectations (download document)

Information regarding additional funding for projects

In order to facilitate the execution of registered research projects, the Pathcare Research Committee can consider applications for amounts up to R15 000.

This funds can be used for additional laboratory tests, statistical analysis or publication fees. All applications will be evaluated on merit, within the restrictions of our annual budget.

Application for seed funding PRC: Download Form

Research Output for 2018

PathCare Staff that have contributed to research publications is listed below:


Nawaal Davids,
Mariza Hoffmann,
Nasheen Naidoo,
Thandiwe Manjati,
Rajiv T Erasmus

Journal & Citation

ACCLM 2017;3(1):8-14



Co-author article

Jason Ensor,
Shumani Malaka,
Benita Barton,
John Black,
Robert Freercks

African Journal of Nephrology
Volume 21, No 1, 2018, 12-15

Co-author article

Nei-Yuan Hsiao,
Elton Mukonda,
Maia Lesosky,
Jean Maritz,
Wolfgang Preiser,
Landon Myer

25th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI2018) Boston, MA

Co-author poster

Ahmad Haeri Mazanderani,
Faith Moyo,
Tendesayi Kufa,
Jean Maritz,
Gayle G. Sherman

Diagnostic Microbiology and
Infectious Disease
Volume 91, Issue 3,
July 2018, Pages 248-255

Co-author article

Malesiba Mampotoko Selepe,
Abraham Christoffel van Wyk,
Kim Gilberte Pauline Hoek,
Yvonne Prince,
Paul David van Helden,
Robin Mark Warren,
Colleen Anne Wright

Diagnostic Cytopathology.

Co-author article

Olga Perovic,
Husna Ismail,
Erika Van Schalkwyk,
Warren Lowman,
Elizabeth Prentice,
Marthinus Senekal &
Chetna N Govinder

Southern African Journal of
Infectious Diseases 2018; 0(0):1–4

Co-author article

Irma Kruger,
Jean Maritz &
Heather Finlayson

Southern African Journal
of Infectious Diseases 2018;

Co-author article

Nelesh P. Govender,
Rindidzani E. Magobo,
Ruth Mpembe,
Mabatho Mhlanga,
Phelly Matlapeng,
Craig Corcoran,
Chetna Govind,
Warren Lowman,
Marthinus Senekal
Juno Thomas

Emerging Infectious Diseases • •
Vol. 24, No. 11, November 2018

Co-author article

Florette K. Treurnicht,
Amelia Buys,
Stefano Tempia,
Mpho Seleka,
Adam L. Cohen,
Sibongile Walaza,
Allison J. Glass,
Inéz Rossouw,
Johanna McAnerney,
Lucille Blumberg,
Cheryl Cohen,
Marietjie Venter

Influenza Other Respi Viruses. 2018;1–10.

Co-author article

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