Pathcare Research Committee

To establish and support a culture of research at PathCare


The Pathology Research Committee (PRC) is a subcommittee of the Board, and acts to secure the integrity of research done at PathCare.  This includes operational research, evaluating best practice, research linked to educational programmes or degrees, research aimed at publications and research/innovations with a view to new developments and/or products. The committee facilitates and enables research by providing an easy to use structure to register projects, update progress reports and to link investigators to resources that can support their work.

Guidelines to do research on the PathCare platform (download document)

Committee Members

Register your project

PathCare supports research on its platform that adds value to our role in patient management as part of the healthcare team.
The following documents should be submitted via the secretariat to register projects with the PRC:

  • Checklist for registration of project (download document)
  • Research proposal
  • Signed declarations where relevant (confidentiality agreement, conflict of interest, intellectual property) (download document)
  • Proof of approval by a registered ethics committee
  • Signed approval of the manager in charge of the section where the research will take place, in order to guarantee that we can meet your expectations (download document)
  • All researchers not employed by PathCare should sign a non-disclosure agreement (download here)

Information regarding additional funding for projects

In order to facilitate the execution of registered research projects, the Pathcare Research Committee can consider applications for amounts up to R15 000.

This funds can be used for additional laboratory tests, statistical analysis or publication fees. All applications will be evaluated on merit, within the restrictions of our annual budget.

Application for seed funding PRC: Download Form

Research Output for 2021

PathCare Staff that have contributed to research publications is listed below:

PathCare Authors

Warren Lowman

Journal & Citation

Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance 24 (2021) 249–256


Type of publication and role

Paper, Co-author

Jean Maritz

Summer 2021 • Vol 16 | No 1
SA Ophthalmology Journal

Paper, Co-author

D Govender

International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 82 (2021) 105907

D Govender

J Clin Pathol 2021;74:350–354

Journal article, Co-author

D Govender

Breast Cancer Research (2021) 23:68

Journal article, Co-author

D Govender

Leukemia & lymphoma
Published online 6 Oct 2021

Journal article, Co-author

C Bamford
M Senekal
W Lowman

S Afr Med J 2021;111(11):1031.

Letter to the editor