Clinical Trials

PathCare Clinical Trials is a specialized SANAS accredited department within the PathCare group, and operates from PathCare Park, N1 City, Goodwood.
The Clinical Trials department was established in 1989, and has been actively involved in international studies since 1999.

We have worked with many CRO’s, central laboratories and pharmaceutical companies on both national and international level.

Clinical trial services offered are in accordance to ICH-GCP, and includes:

  • Study Management
  • Laboratory supplies / Kit packing
  • Frozen Storage facilities
  • Laboratory testing
  • Tracking system
  • Quality Assurance
  • Efficient courier service nationwide
  • Archive facilities
  • Electronic data transfers

The following people are the primary contacts between the sponsor, central laboratory and investigator site:

TEL: +27 21 596 3587

FAX: +27 86 568 8030


Our team of professionals with expertise in this field :

Dr Wessel Meyer
Dr Wessel Meyer
Chemical Pathologist
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