Testimonials from some of our staff

PathCare has opened doors of opportunities, new experiences and skills for me.

In 1998, I was a young learner who completed Matric in Uitenhage and decided to look for a job, which was a challenge at the time as I did not have any qualification.

My dream was to become an Electrical Engineer, but I was determined to get a job, and the Petrol Attendant vacancy opened. I decided to take this job so as to gain experience for a better position in the future.

I worked as a Petrol Attendant for approximately three years and then saw an advertisement that caught my eye in the Career Times.

It read: a Phlebotomy Learnership programme offered at PathCare. I sent my application to the HR division at PathCare.
I was very enthusiastic and eager when I received a call for an interview and I was later informed that my application was successful.

I started the programme at the brand new PathCare Academy at N1 City in 2006.

I qualified in 2008, with the guidance and encouragement from the Academy trainers. I got a position at Panorama Medical Clinic, where I worked for 4 years, and entirely enjoyed the interaction with patients and colleagues.

Yet, another opportunity was advertised, for a Training Specialist: Phlebotomy. I applied and got the position.

I am currently the only Phlebotomy Technician who is giving training at PathCare nationally.

This is my 5th year as a trainer and I am still enjoying it!

Luvuyo Gelo

Training Specialist: Phlebotomy

I have been at Pathcare since 2006. I started as an in-service student from CPUT, I am one of the first Academy Interns (can you believe it!). Eric Spencer came to give us a presentation about PathCare and I immediately fell in love with the organisation. We applied for the bursary and I was one of the students who were fortunate enough to receive one.

In July 2006 I stepped through the doors of PathCare Bethlehem and I knew I was home. Within 2 months I could run both Haematology and Chemistry instruments, this resulted in my acting manager asking if I was interested in working weekends. Of course I took that as the highest honour as there was 2 other students with me and they were not working the weekends. In February 2007 I was offered an internship with the organisation, and I was the only one selected to do the internship out of the 3 students. I already started running the Endocrinology department before I qualified.

December 2008 I was appointed the Head of Microbiology, now that was a huge responsibility for someone that young at that time, but this was a dream come true for me. My manager trusted me enough to run a big department like that, and that trust pushed me to do everything in my ability to deliver.

It has been almost 12 years, and today I am a Site Head in Welkom after I was sponsored to do the course, Introduction to Laboratory Management. I was appointed in July 2017 in Welkom exactly 9 years after I started working here.

PathCare has not stopped developing me, and I am currently doing my Management Development Programme through the help of this wonderful organisation. I am a genuine PathCare product and I am grateful for all the opportunities I have received here. I am so grateful that I had people around me that recognised my ability even before I knew I was capable. This does not mean that it was easy, sometimes it was difficult, but one has to know why you are in a place. I always chose to see the good in a situation and that was my motivation.

PathCare is like my third family, I matured here, I became responsible through its guidance. Thank you to all stake holders at PathCare for giving me a chance to grow and develop and for granting me opportunities that helped me to get where I am today. You are truly blessed.

Nombuyiselo Jeanette Zengele

Laboratory Manager - Welkom Branch

PathCare changed my life by opening my eyes to what I am capable of.

I previously worked as a security guard at PathCare N1 City, and at the time I sent my CV to the HR Department to be considered for a position.

I was appointed as a Messenger in 2007 and remained in this position until 2009.

I applied and was successful in my application for the Laboratory Assistant course and started my training at the PathCare Academy in 2009. Further to this I passed the board exam in 2010 and thanks to PathCare I am now a qualified Laboratory Assistant.

I never envisioned myself coming this far in life. I am proud of myself and proud to say that I work for PathCare.

Sydney Mbombo

Laboratory Assistant

I started at PathCare in 1983 as a Medical Technician doing Radio Immuno assays at the old Jan S Marais Hospital and later moved to the newly built Panorama Hospital.

Being involved with the testing of hormone levels, we were challenged by a pathologist, who gave us a name of a disorder and we had to tell him what the hormone profile would look like. Many of the patients had infertility problems and when the opportunity came up to attend a training course in Andrology at Tygerberg hospital, I grabbed it. Andrology became my passion and I was involved in the training of PathCare staff all over the country.

In 1986 I moved to Louis Leipoldt and did Andrology half day and spent the other half in the clinical laboratory doing mostly Chemistry. I attended all the advanced training courses as far as instrumentation was concerned and was appointed as the Technical Officer soon afterwards. I was also the Departmental Trainer and the Safety Officer.

During this time I became a Staff Representative and eventually became the Chairperson of the Staff Association, a position I held for about five years. This gave me insight into the company and I also attended all possible training courses that were offered in order for me to grow further.

I was appointed as Site Head at Leipoldt in 2003 and was one of the first Site Heads to complete the Management Development Programme through the Training Academy. I also completed the mentorship training session for managers and got actively involved in the training programme for senior sisters and medical technologists. Training is a passion of mine and I do believe that through training and living the PathCare values we can have a huge influence on the people reporting to us.

PathCare gave me opportunities to grow and reach my goals. Now I am in the privileged position to give back. I want all my staff to be able to realise their potential and I want to assist them to reach their goals.

Diana Van Lil

Zone Manager - Louis Leipoldt