Supervisory Skills and Management Development

In addition to the short courses, PathCare also provides a number of programmes for the development of its supervisors and managers, and management workshops in a variety of topic areas.

The Academy Supervisory Skills Programme was designed to meet PathCare’s supervisors’ development needs and was designed around the key roles of entry-level supervisors and team leaders.  The programme consists of five modules which address these key roles:  the supervisor’s role in context; problem-solving and decision making; people skills; staff relations; and contemporary issues including diversity and ethics.

The programme is delivered in modules over a five-month period and is facilitated by a variety of trainers who are both externally and internally sourced. The outcomes to be reached by each delegate for each of the five modules are clearly set and each delegate is assessed against these outcomes at identified points during the programme delivery.  The successful completion of all assignments and a final self-evaluation is a pre-requisite for the issuing of a certificate for the completion of the whole programme.

In addition to the above, the Academy also partnered with the Institute of Human Potential (LTS Consulting) for the pilot of a new Introduction to Laboratory Management Programme at PathCare. The blended programme which consists of contact hours, on-line learning, and coaching was made available to Medical Technologists who are currently not in managerial roles, but are aspiring managers of the future. Places were made available through a competitive application and motivation basis, and eleven candidates from around South Africa were selected to take part.

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