Programmes for existing Pathcare employees


In addition to our full-length programmes, various short courses in the Academy’s technical expertise, service quality, and business capacity pillars are continuously on offer for existing PathCare staff nationally, in classroom and e-learning formats.

Each year over one thousand short course participants benefitted from the many and varied programmes on offer through the Academy.

Since opening the Academy doors in 2006, over 37,500 participants have attended Academy short courses.   The number of participants from areas outside of the Western Cape also remains high as strategically intended.

PathCare Academy staff

Through a combination of internal programmes and programmes outsourced to independent training providers nationally, the Academy helps to ensure that PathCare’s service delivery is constantly enhanced through the continuous development of all of our staff nationally.

Courses offered in the Academy Prospectus include programmes in business ethics, occupational health and safety, customer care, diversity awareness, industrial relations, conflict and stress management, financial skills, and various computer skills, among others.

Particular emphasis is being placed on the skills development of historically disadvantaged individuals in the PathCare workplace.  A full prospectus of Academy short courses for existing staff and a calendar of events is published annually.