Trainee Depot Administrator Programme

The Academy first and foremost aims to develop training programmes in support of PathCare’s business objectives and operations. In 2011 PathCare called for the introduction of a new category of staff called Depot Administrators (DA’s).
DA’s were introduced into the organisation in order to enhance the front line service and operational efficiency in line with PathCare’s technological innovations. Being a DA requires knowledge and skills to effectively perform front line duties in PathCare depots.

Training topics include various computer skills, customer service, workplace ethics, cashiering, and medical and pathology terminology. Although the Academy DA Programme and culminating examination process does not result in a nationally recognised qualification, it does result in a PathCare internal qualification, and an Academy Certificate is issued.

As with all Academy programmes, the recruitment aims to provide opportunities to disadvantaged and unemployed individuals who wish to successfully enter the world of employment in the health sector.